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Potential Graduate Students and Researchers


Note to Potential Graduate Students, Visiting Scholars and Post-Doctoral Researchers

There are no openings at this time.

1. Information for MS and PhD Degree Applicants in Mechanical Engineering

  • Thank you for expressing your interest in our graduate program.
  • I cannot assess any applications or promise any assistantships based on resume and/or email correspondence. There is a formal admission process in place.
  • ME Graduate Program information:
    The application itself is done entirely online now and can be completed at
  • Email address for specific questions regarding admissions in ME:


2. Opportunities for Full and Partial Support (for Students)

There are no openings at this time.  However, I may evaluate exceptional candidates for the Acoustics and Dynamics Laboratory only after the admission files are complete.  I will be contacting candidates only if we do have any openings.

3. Opportunities for Visiting Scholars

There are limited opportunities for foreign visiting scholars. Please note that such scholars are often supported by external scholarships or fellowships; financial aid from OSU is not available.


4. Opportunities for Post-Doctoral Researchers

New positions (if any) will be posted if funding is available.

R. Singh
2019-20 Academic Year